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Canvin and Sons Footwear was designed by Dr. Lorne Canvin, Podiatrist, to address biomechanical needs lacking in most conventional footwear, without compromising comfort or aesthetics.

The boot and Bio-insole™ are specifically designed to function together to provide stability and control to the foot and lower limb, thereby reducing the incidence of aggravation due to the poor shock-absorbing qualities of conventional footwear.

The boots feature a unique foot bed called a Bio-insole™ which provides correction and alignment to the foot. In the majority of cases this reduces the need for custom orthotics. The Bio-insole™ is constructed of a high compression material, ethyl vinyl acetate (EVA), and incorporates:

  • an anti-pronation device which supports the heel and arch area to provide correction and alignment to the foot.
  • a metatarsal pad which provides additional forefoot padding.
  • the reduction of plantar pressure, which is important for all, but most importantly for people with diabetes and arthritis.
  • the suspension of painful areas of the foot, such as heel spurs and metatarsal pain.

Canvin and Sons Footwear was designed not only to correct existing biomechanical problems, but as a high quality preventative measure for comfort and support against developing future foot and lower limb problems.

"I have worn various brands of work boots for many years and have found Canvin and Sons work boots to be more comfortable and durable than any other brand of work boots. I highly recommend them to anyone who is looking for a lightweight durable work boot. The Bio-insole provides so much support and makes the boots extremely comfortable." - Brian

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