The Bio-insole™

Canvin and Sons boots feature a unique footbed called the Bio-insole which provides support, correction and alignment to the foot in the same manner as a regular custom orthotic. It is very useful at reducing plantar pressure and therefore is effective in reducing and/or eliminating the discomfort felt in the feet after long periods of standing, especially on hard surfaces such as concrete. It is available in sizes 7 - 14 including half sizes.

Bio-insole™ exploded view

Bio-insole™ Features:

  • Cobra Pad (orange in above image) is an anti-pronation device. It involves the heel and arch to provide correction and alignment. The correction and alignment capabilities of the Bio-insole™ would reduce the need for custom orthotics.
  • Durometer Hardness: High compression EVA footbed 40 - 45; Heel 30 - 35; Metatarsal area 30 - 35.
  • GreenFit: Open cell PU base foam circulates air inside boot to cool the foot. GreenFit foam contains NANO-bamboo charcoal to fight against fungus, bacteria and odour; no chemical agent is used; Natural cork and green tea powder add natural benefits and the virgin PU base foam makes the insole durable and comfortable.
  • High abrasion mesh nylon cover.
  • The boot last and Bio-insole™ are specifically designed to fit and work together as one, thereby eliminating the problems often associated with fitting orthotics in footwear. Custom orthotics may be designed to correct a foot problem but the footwear may not be designed to accommodate an orthotic device.
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